This eatery may be off the beaten path, but don't let that keep you from heading up on Verdugo to visit them.  The inside is beautifully decorated and the cuisine authentic Italian fare.   Not only is the  inside of the restaurant great and the food delicious, they also offer catering, free delivery within a 5 mile radius, and online ordering.  They must have one of the biggest pizzas I have ever seen in my life!  Their biggest pizza is 28" and has 30 slices.   I doubt I would even be able to fit that in my car!

Also, if you love good cake like I do, operative word being good -- as in light and springy with a light creamy frosting -- their Lemon Mascarpone cake is divine.  Many is the time that I have stopped by on my way home from running errands just to order a slice of heaven!

  • 405 N. Verdugo Rd., Glendale, CA, 91206